30 Sep 2009

This Georgian print floral wallpaper is...um. Terrifying.

I have to admit, this isnt the nicest looking of blogs at the moment. I've been asked to produce some sample page layouts to personalize the experience a bit. If only for me i guess. I mean, as a blog this functions, but i need something that speaks a little of me.

So here are three drafts, tell me what you think: (excuse the shitty shading of the one graphical element that i have..i'm still working on a better solution. And it will look sexy. Oh yes.)

Idea .1
This is an idea formed around the composition of the blog as it is. It'd probably work if i was to keep this site here on blogspot.

Idea .2

This right hand side layout would use the space more efficiently I think as it doesn't leave dead space on the right, as opposed to the first idea.

Idea .3

This is a left to right idea that i was working on. Theres something about this that is easy on the eyes. I suppose the direction of my device on the right helps a little. I quite like the joystick graphic in the bottom left corner there.

The cluster of monitors is something i'm working on along the themes of analog and retro gaming. I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to games - my first computer was an amstrad CPC with a tiny green monitor...and the games were all on audio tapes and took 30 minutes to load (heh.) I'm going to try and get it to lok right first of all, and then try both vectoring the shape of it and also making it look real. whichever looks the best might become animated in flash with mouseover effects and sound. That way i could incorporate animated links on the object, allowing the viewer to explore.

Bet you lot think i'm nuts =P

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