22 Oct 2009

Web Design Progress

Right, i know its been quiet for a while. Here's what i've been busy with:

These are step by step images of the links menu colouring. I'm ashamed to say that its all Photoshop, only the original shapes were hand drawn and then scanned to be cel shaded. I've thrown those into fireworks and set them up on a 1024x706 area. All nice and poly sliced so that I can use image rollovers: -

I've had a bit of umming and ahhing about these. I decided to not go for the blown up pixellated type because that particular typeface only looks good when its at a small size. (and i'm overjoyed because i finally found a use for wingdings and webdings...)

I've also just finished my thumbnails the other day, which also have rollovers. The plan is to use lightbox to bring up a 700x700 (max) image on mousedown. Currently I'm working to populate the pages i've got link rollovers for: blog (a tough one...ever heard of WAMP? i'm trying to figure out wordpress...) Info and Work. The job ahead is pretty straightforward, now the thumbs are all done its just a case of putting it all together.

what i'm tryng to figure out now is whether or not to use Div's to create the information areas in my pages, since each is going to have the linkmenu gadget.

my current composition of the page is: -

I'm really pleased with the result. =]

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