22 Sep 2009

Popping the blog cherry.

Well it had to happen sometime. I have to say I do see the need for a person in my field to have a blog, but I do feel somewhat coerced into doing this (if you're sitting reading this on an OHP then the likelyhood is you know exactly what i'm talking about)

I'm busy trying to decide just what it is that I'm going to put here. I know the obvious answer. This is meant to be a portfolio site. Inevitably, I'm going to be posting work, both for university and for things that I do on the side. But that answer also brings with it more questions. Like, what exactly do I want from showing my work? And, is this a give and take thing? Will there be rewards to reap, other than my own reflections? (...there are more questions, but i'd hate to feel like I was hosting a Q&A just for me.)

So yes anyway, I'm having the unavoidable teething problems at the moment. As you can see the d├ęcor is, well, shit really. But fear not! I have plans...

  • That header has to go. I need an image to set the mood of my blog, and to replace the forced upper case title bar.
  • I have work! OMG. I'd almost forgot about that... Yes, i'll be posting some of last years work here a.s.a.p.
  • There has to be a way to tidy this layout somehow...none too fond of the stuff on the right of the page here ---> but then again...thinking in terms of a book, and how many words you should have on a line maximum, do i want this to be so wide?
  • erm..
Bored yet? Thought so. Time for bed.


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